Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Guest Lecture #11 - Old Hoss Radbourn

Today's guest lecture comes from Old Hoss Radbourn! Old Hoss had one of the greatest seasons ever for a pitcher in 1884: 59 wins, 73 complete games, a 1.38 ERA, 678 IP. Unbelievable. But beyond that, he was acomplete character - he is believed to possibly be the first person ever to flip the bird at the camera (in the team photo, nonetheless), the love of his life is suspected to be something of a prostitute or whore, and now this Hall of Famer twitters from beyond the grave. With great lines like, "Ah, Father's Day. Remember, lads: the best thing about children . . . is fathering one with your 'mate's wife and pretending the spawn is his," his ghost is an endless source of clever amusement. Thanks, Old Hoss!