Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #1101 - Renumbering

If you collect comic books at all, you know exactly how ridiculous this has gotten in the last ten years. Ultimate Spider-man, for example, initially ran for 133 issues, restarted at #1 and ran for 15 issues, got renumbered to #150 (somehow), ran for another 10 issues, and is now going to be restarted at #1 again. Even more ridiculously, DC Comics is going to be restarting every single comic it publishes at #1 later this year, with updated characters and origins (although this may be partly a way for them to escape a lawsuit about the proper ownership of the copyright of Superman, which is another serious issue entirely).

Anyway, yes, renumbering is ridiculous and stupid. Having acknowledged that, since recitations aren't running anymore, I took the opportunity to update the lesson number to the overall STW number. Celebrating significant numbers at weird lessons like #558 or #910 got annoying. But at least I made up for how stupid renumbering is by giving you my dumbest pose ever, right? Enjoy.