Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #1197 - Peer-Reviewed Studies

First - I threw the sandwich question on Twitter the other night, and the comments back were almost unanimously in favor of triangles. Which leads me to draw the conclusion that triangle eaters are anxious to prove their incorrect position is actually correct, and us rectangle eaters are calm and confident in our knowledge of our correctness so we see no need to shout about it.

Second - the romance vs. science and math for women study DOES exist. It came to the conclusion that women are less likely to pursue scientific goals if presented romantic ideas as an alternative. One of the methods of coming to this conclusion was to show women pictures of romantic images like sunsets, and then see if they were more or less likely to be interested in math or scientific topics afterwards. Here's a clue to researchers - yes, the number of women in science and math is an issue, but I, too, would be less interested in math or scientific topics after you show me a picture of a sunset. I would also be less interested after you showed me pictures of fried zucchini. Maybe the conclusions are correct, but the methods used are mind-boggling. I hope the next step is to determine whether pictures of cats drive women to become cat ladies or Nobel-prize winning scholars.

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