Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #1221 - Physics

I mean, these are just some supposedly written rules of the universe. Physics gets updated everyday with new science, right? So these will just be part of some old version of some textbook before we know it! Like we'll really have to listen to some theory of gravity at that point, right? That'll all be after when we'll have figured out how to cross over to the alternate universe where everyone has the superpower to shoot squid ink from their hands, anyway, so whatever. Awesome.

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So Surviving the World is supposed to be a class. And as your facetious, mock professor, it is my role to hand out homework. Well, it only feels appropriate that I begin to start to do my duty so that you may be fully evaluated in a way that will add to a sum total of ten percent of your final grade! (Those midterms will be killer.)

Anyway, I want to try to assign some type of homework assignment to you, the class, each Friday, to be handed in over the course of the week. The top answer to the assignment will then be posted here in the addendum to the day's lesson - and I'll send out an individualized award of some type to the submitter of the best answer as well. So hey, actual incentive to participate. Besides the ten percent of your grade, of course.

Some assignments will be intellectually based, and some will be far from intellectual. All will hopefully be creative to some extent. If this fails, hey, it fails. But let's try it out before coming to a final decision, alright? Here we go:

HOMEWORK: Let's start off with an assignment blending philosophy, violence, adventure, and agriculture. Answer this question - who would win in a fight, a pirate or an orange?

You may interpret this anyway you like - if you prefer a strictly visual route, that's fine; if you prefer a written answer, please limit it to 100 words or less. Email your homework in to me with the subject line "HOMEWORK: ORANGE" to be received no later than Thursday, 11/10, at noon ET. Best answer wins and will be posted here next Friday (with the following week's assignment to be handed out then). Enjoy.