Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #1319 - Important Knowledge, Originally Classified

Sure, some scholars saw the potential in math, but many still associated it with the occult. Look up the history of John Dee sometime to get a better sense of where he stood as both an important mathematician and an dedicated alchemist, and which he dedicated focus to when royalty was paying attention. In either case, if bookstores are dedicating entire sections to "paranormal teen romance", perhaps future scientists need to be reading up to better direct our future! (I am not really suggesting this.)

NEW ARCHIVE PAGE: Dedicated readers know that there are two different 'file under' jokes - one within the comic panel itself, and a different one on the archive page. To make it easier to get to, the archive page is switched around for your better perusal. Enjoy.

TRANSCRIPTIONS: I've been spending a good chunk of time working on different STW projects (preparing for individual prints, for example) and I'm close to implementing the 'search function' so you'll be able to find certain comics faster. Anyway, this is almost finished, but I could use some more help transcribing a few more comics that we didn't finish last time. The list of remaining untranscribed comics is here with an example - if you're interested in helping out, just follow the directions on the page. Thanks, everyone!