Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #1368 - Age Groups

Yes, I know, once you have a kid (still not here yet, by the way), you can't consider yourself young anymore, so clearly the comic was made while well-aware of my declassification from the former.

If anything, election years serve as reminders of how desperate certain groups are to hold onto things as they way they once were a long, long time ago, and how unbelievably unprepared they are for a new generation to come into its own. It was a clever move, trying to coddle kids as they grew up so that they desperately needed you in the future, but man, it sure sets up a drastically steep emotional drop-off when things do change.

STUDENT PRESENTATIONS: If you're interested in contributing a guest-comic to run during my paternity leave, please have yours ready to turn in exactly two weeks from today, April 13th. Email yours in when you're satisfied with it - and check past runs of student presentations for clues to successful submissions. Whiteboard, chalkboard, drawn image, photograph, whatever! Embrace your creativity.