Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #1780 (Recitation #101) - Graders

All I'm saying is that I could pay my one-year-old daughter in Cheese Nips to grade exams for me, but I bet my students would take the Cheese Nips if they didn't have to decipher drool and the ripped up paper they got back. Save the beer and/or sex for non-work related purposes, is all.

So anyway, recitations are back, as man of you so requested. I'll be numbering them as above just for simplicity sake (after all, that's why lessons 1001 to 1100 are missing), not that you really care. If you've got a question for recitation, send it on in with your name and location, and who knows, you may see it here next week.

STW PAGE-A-DAY CALENDARS: The Kickstarter launches next week! Get excited for good times and video updates of me doing stupid things for your enjoyment.