Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #1813 - Schrodinger

Oh, and he did it while poisoning you. Kind of like Marie Curie! Boy, scientists are weird huggers. Let that be a bonus lesson to you. Never hug a scientist. Unless you have a built-in immunity. To their hugs. Again, scientists are weird huggers.

STW PAGE-A-DAY CALENDAR KICKSTARTER: There are mere hours left - the campaign ends just after 9:30 AM Eastern Time on Wednesday - this morning! And holy crap, we've barrelled ahead like crazy at the end, busting through stretch goal after stretch goal. And curse you, Scott, my new sworn nemesis - because of you, I'm going to have to eat a pound of raisins. The point is, everyone, these calendars are going to be amazing because of you, thank you all so very very much. So if you're still waiting, well, you've got less than 12 hours to go - so if you want a special exclusive reward, you need to act now to get in on the fun!