Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #212 - Axioms

Here's a question about "Oedipus Rex" for you to answer: if you were informed by an oracle that you were going to kill your father and marry your mother, wouldn't you repeatedly check with any woman you were about to marry to make absolutely, one hundred percent sure that she was not your mother? It couldn't be that hard to check, could it?

"So there was this oracle, right? And the oracle said that I would kill my father and just happen to marry my mother. Yeah, I know, horribly disturbing. Anyway, the killing might just happen in the course of war, nothing I can really do about that, whatever. But the mother thing . . . are you absolutely sure you haven't had any kids or heard any similar prophecies? None whatsoever? I mean, there's nothing wrong with you, this is entirely about me . . . OK, it could be about you. But I hope not!"