Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #2216 - Guns, Part II

Chicken-and-the-egg, to some degree. Again, I'm not against people owning guns or having the right to own guns - or against the police having them - but at some point it feels less like a freedom to own guns and more like a cycle designed to opposed those who don't want to own a gun. It's like there's a silent chant, "It's freedom of guns, not freedom from guns" or something, and either way, there's bystanders on both sides.

BONUS STW: I made two new applied math derivations for I Love Charts on Medium this week about cats - and unfortunately, the end of this week will mark the end of my affiliation with Medium for the immediate future. Because I was paid for the views of the bonus STW there, which I was using to help support the site as well as other endeavors (like working with Joan), it's certainly unfortunate, but due to circumstances out of my control. So if you wouldn't mind checking out the final bonus STWs that get posted this week, or going back through my Medium archive, that would be incredibly helpful! Thank you! And please enjoy!

Applied Math: Cats