Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #2284 - Daylight Savings

It's best to treat everything as if a supervillain is responsible for it. That way, you're more questioning of someone's motives and end up being much more invested in the world around you and can help make it a better place. Of course, if everyone accepted this perspective, your devotion to becoming invested in the world around you would also be the scheme of a supervillain as opposed to the due diligence of being a good citizen and a good person. In which case, have a good supervillain name ready to go. You can't choose "Dr. Jabberwocky", though. I've already called dibs.

ATLANTA: I'm going to be in Atlanta in two weeks! I'm trying to set up a STW talk or at the very least a meet-up on the night of Saturday, November 15! If you have any interest or can help in trying to make this happen, please let me know!