Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #2304 - Rivalry Games

It's about time we showed those good-for-nothing Mountain Hawks once again that they're good for nothing! The 150th meeting between Lafayette and Lehigh seems like a good time to give those Lehigh people (what does that even mean, anyway, obviously a college name for losers, I mean, really) a good reminder that they're the true scum of the earth! Thank God for a most played out college football rivalry so that we Leopards (yes, a terribly stupid nickname, but I mean, come on, what the hell is a Mountainhawk, really, and after all, they changed to that name from Engineers, so clearly they're terrible malevolent punks) can be the bastions of good and right and put that utter filth in their place, I mean, um . . .

Seem to have gotten carried away. Funny how that works. Anyway. Yes. Um. Go Lafayette.