Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #2366 - Insane Math

What is a negative insane person? Is that a pessimistic insane person, or the dark matter equivalent of an insane person? If I come into contact with a dark matter insane person, will I explode? Will we both cease to be? Is this how the human race ends? Do I need to stop doing math while hopped up on goofballs? Should I stop hanging out in my basement doing math until we eliminate the radon build-up? These are the true mysteries of the universe.

SCIENCE COMICS: I'm applying for an educational grant so we can pay artists to make comics in order to help visual learners better understand highly theoretical science! And we're looking for artists to be involved! If you're interested - and this is not 'work for exposure' here, this is real science, real art, real pay - please let me know! More details can be found here. Thanks!