Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #2395 - Powers, Scientifically

Actually, if you look it up, 'glaciokinesis' is also an option for ice powers. Based on 'glacio' meaning ice, not 'glacio' meaning glaciers. As in, someone who has the power to move glaciers. What a bizarre superpower that would be. "Hold on, I just need to borrow this from your national park! Captain Destructo is ransacking downtown! If I drop this glacier on him, his evil doings will be put on ice! And he'll be smushed. And there may be some collateral damage. A glacier is big, you know. Really, just don't ask me where the red streaks came from when I bring it back, okay?" Anyway, I wonder if 'librokinesis' is being able to write books in your head and move books with your mind. Or move libraries with your mind. Suddenly I don't trust those elderly ladies who are always behind the desk.

This is the second of two comics today! Sorry for the delay. For the record, if I miss a normal day, I'll always make it up for you as soon as I can. Explained why here. Thanks for understanding.