Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #2466 - In Honor Of My Students

My favorite class (so far) of students, the class of 2015, is graduating this Friday, so while I would love to run a series of comics by them, since I wasn't proactive enough to ask them to breathe in any additional chalkdust beyond what has already accumulated in their lungs over the last 17-18 years of their educational careers, I'm going to run little tributes this week as best I can.

Anyway, here are some block diagrams from their process control projects this semester. These brought tears to my eyes - partly because of their inherent scientific beauty, partly because of how complex they are, partly because of how wrong they might be. Hey, art is art. Screw you if you can't appreciate it.

PHD UNKNOWN: New page up! I've had this page in my head for five years.