Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #2470 - Graduation

My favorite class (so far) is graduating today! I have to admit, I'm proud of them. Not as completely proud as their parents are, but maybe as proud as a weird estranged uncle? I have room in my heart to be a weird estranged uncle to these kids, and they have room to mock me relentlessly, so it all works out.

Sincere congratulations, kids. You're all something else, and it's been an honor to teach you and get to know you.

By the way, what would Knowledge's last name be if you were to take him/her/them as your spouse? That's the real question here, I think.

Anyway, I'll be sure to post some pictures on Twitter or wherever of me in my extra foofy PhD garb. So you can join in the mocking as well.

(Oh, and happy birthday, Mom!)