Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #2480 - Definitions, Part XXVI

You know this game. For example, I was born on February 4th (2/4) while one sister was born on April 8th (4/8) - thus, multiply by two. But Cannonball was almost born on April 16th (4/16)- meaning she and I would be connected by month squared. When that missed, she was almost born on April 17th, the half-birthday of her grandfather - just like my sister was born on the half-birthday of our grandfather. And while we missed that by a day, my sister was living in Seattle where it was still 4/17, so the calendar astrology was still in effect and you see how you can make this work? Meanwhile, Cannonball still shared a birthday with one of my students. So now Torpedo could be born on 5/24, which would be Cannonball's original due date (and happens to be another birthday of a student of mine) or she could be born on 5/25 so we'd have the squared connection again, or she could be born on some other date and I WOULD STILL MAKE IT WORK BECAUSE THAT IS HOW THIS GAME IS PLAYED

Calendar astrology - powered entirely by dates and just as much crap as actual astrology.