Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #2504 - Dinosaurs

Before you ask how chickens rose so high in Hollywood that they were able to green light so many dinosaur movies in which people are eaten, please focus on the math in the bigger picture here - Jurassic World has made a poopton of money. How could it have possibly made that much money? There are three chickens per human in the world. If chickens are going to see the movie to root on the dinosaurs - even when paying the discounted rate for a chicken ticket - then the money would clearly keep rolling in. C'mon, people! How am I the only one to see this! Chickens watching their ancestors up on the big screens, feeling pangs of jealousy, plotting out their own modern Jurassic Park uprisings . . . I think what I'm saying is, if you take your child to a petting zoo, keep a close eye on the poultry.