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A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #2601 - Big Question #14

I have often wondered if mathematicians get disgruntled at being at the end of the acronym. You probably don't experience the same wonderment, but let's be honest - what should the order be if the acronym doesn't matter? Please cast your vote and help rank them!

LAST WEEK'S QUESTION: The results from last week's question are as follows:

How best is each month?
1st - October (Average month rank = 3.68)
2nd - December (Average month rank = 5.24)
3rd - May (Average month rank = 5.60)
4th - November (Average month rank = 5.67)
5th - September (Average month rank = 5.68)
6th - June (Average month rank = 6.18)
7th - April (Average month rank = 6.33)
8th - July (Average month rank = 7.04)
9th - March (Average month rank = 7.36)
10th - August (Average month rank = 7.77)
11th - January (Average month rank = 8.35)
12th - February (Average month rank = 9.09)

As someone with a birthday in February, it hurt a little to see so many people hating on February - I mean, sure, February is darn cold, but March sucks. I mean, March suuuuucks. On the other hand, I wonder if my love for October helped bias the results or if there is widespread love for October? Screw you, December, October is the true most wonderful time of the year.

The responses overall are pretty fascinating - probably because I'm a nerd - so the analytics are available for to peruse for everyone who voted.

All questions and final results for all Big Questions can be found on this page!

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