Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #2708 - Regrets

If you are a science/math pedant who wants to argue about it is possible for the data to slightly curve back to the left at the very end, please go somewhere else.

Unrelated, I was once lectured about the fact that I routinely switch the axes from as they should be properly depicted if one axis is independent and the other is dependent. (By once, I mean endlessly, but let's focus on this one time.) I had to inform the person that it was clearly content not meant to be taken seriously, and that axes can be flexible in any case but particularly so if the comedic content is improved. That person ended up being the guy who invented the oleophobic coating for the inside of ketchup bottles that ensures that ketchup doesn't stick to the inside of bottles. But really, what has that guy done for anyone? I've made science comics. So, you know. It's a tie, research-wise, I'd say.