Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #2753 - Reaction

We don't really give enough consideration of people who fall back on a reaction that stems from fear - it's a really easy path to fall down, and you need to start backtracking all the way to the beginning if you're to correct your path. And even then, it's easy to fall back to the path towards fear even if you motivate yourself to work towards a deeper consideration of the situation or incident or idea.

It's exhausting to try to guide others, anyway, even if you think you can see their maze from above - and meanwhile, you're traveling through your own maze and, really, are exactly sure of your own location within it?

But we keep working at it, trying to guide others while we guide ourselves. And if we can be considerate of why other people are where they are in their maze, maybe we can permanently mark the pathways a little clearer so we're all guided in the right direction.