Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #2765 - Human and/or Humanity

Turning human obligation into human nature is evolution, the leap from homo sapiens to homo superior. So no wonder, on multiple levels, why many people aren't interested in making that jump.

The refocusing in on discrimination against the LGBT community, after the achievement this past year of legalized same sex marriage, is disheartening in many ways. That many people would rather live in fear and govern in fear and rule in fear than even pretend to try to understand those they oppose - that they chose to refocus the bigotry that was rejected into the form of other bigotry as opposed to developing as a person - is truly discouraging.

But this is in part a result of those who supported and promoted the acceptance of same sex marriage - of which I was a part of and a cause that I used this site for as its primary political focus - those people have dropped the ball, relaxing and never continuing to push for humanity. So we need to regroup, refocus, and continue fighting for those who need us.

No one is blaming all of you, North Carolina. Obviously. No one is blaming all of you, Georgia. Obviously. But if you are insulted and hurt that you have been generalized in with the rest of your state as supporting discrimination, consider how those who are the actual focus of the discrimination are suffering. Then get over it and realize who actually matters here.

Let's be humans, people. Or better than that if we can. Perhaps being humans has been the problem all this time.