Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #2807 - In Honor Of My Students

Graduation week here at Northeastern, and the class of 2016 - one of my favorite groups of students I've had the pleasure of teaching - is about to head off into the real world. So here is a comic from two of these fine kids, Tom Nigl and Brian Hunt! Tom will be heading off to Penn State in pursuit of his PhD this upcoming fall, while Brian will be continuing full-time at his previous co-op employer, Infinium. I had them both in two separate courses, and - like many of their classmates - they're not only excellent students, but excellent people. I sincerely wish them both the best of luck.

(Although that block diagram doesn't really make sense, guys. Come on. Freshmen are setpoints and seniors are controlled variables? You captured the three disturbances on top pretty well, but come on, make it seem like I at least taught you something.)