Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #2887 - Mongers

I cannot stress how important it is to vote. For the love of God or whatever, vote. Please. Register to vote. Then actually go out and vote. Please.

I am not saying this based on fear. As a scientist and an empathetic person, yes, I do think there is something incredibly terrifying about the possibility of a demagogue being president, especially after he has stoked fear (and hatred) as a means of gaining support. But you can make decisions based on opportunity and what you believe in, and advocate for them based on your vote. You can push for developments and changes and improvements, and you can base your decision after considering the options.

There are no perfect candidates out there, and there are candidates with flaws of all various sizes. There's are candidates who are hawkish, candidates who are anti-vaccination, candidates who don't seem to have any clue . . . so please, do vote. But think about who you're voting for and what you truly care about.

And millennials - we are now the largest generation. We outnumber the others. AND we are the ones who will be most affected by the future - the economy, the environment, the diversity, the international relations. We are the ones who will live with it. Vote, and make a decision that will be best for our future. Have an impact and a say in our future. Don't let others decide for you how you'll live. Vote.