Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #2948 - Grudges

I (like you, to be honest) continue to harbor what is likely an unhealthy number of grudges, several that have persisted since high school. Even though I won't see many of those people eer again. But you can probably overcome the unhealthiness of them if you find a way to make them motivational and constructive. Which is why I believe to be rather a good, constructive thing to say to the friend from high school who told me way back then that all my comics ideas were terrible and that no one would every see any I'd ever make, that, in all sincerity, "Go eat my butt."

(I have thought about this guy saying that many, many times over the last 8+ years. I don't think he's made a comic to date. Wait, I'm turning this from good to bad, I'll shut up now.)

Ah well. Screw everyone from high school.

Thank you, Waterfall Arts, for letting me / Chris Cogswell / Carey Pietsch / Beth Sparks be a part of your great science comics art exhibition!