Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #3067 - Options

Violence isn't the answer unless the options on your multiple choice exam are pretty limited.

There's a debate right now about whether it's okay to punch a Nazi? Seriously? Calm and rational debate isn't the answer to everything. Life isn't a My Little Pony episode where the antagonist is always friends at the end and friendship is always the answer and yes I may have watched way too many episodes with my daughters lately.

That said, us Millennials would get to be renamed "Greatest Generation II" when we defeat this set of Nazis, and I am ALL IN FAVOR of that nomenclature.

Oh, and if you miss when STW wasn't serious all the time? I miss when the world wasn't insane.

UNTIL SATURDAY: I'm donating all proceeds from the sale of my pro-women anti-patriarchy stickers to Planned Parenthood, so if you'd like, grab some for yourself and support an anti-cancer cause: