Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #3106 - Introverts

As the more extroverted non-child member of my household, I stand here in representation of theSwede and at least two of the cats. The turtle, too, really.

I went to a Swing Left meeting today, and this was kind of the sense I got, that a number of well-meaning people who tend to prefer an introverted comfort and ease are ready to be active and speak up and do what they can. The nice thing about this meeting were having a number of representatives from other organizations there as well, like a branch of Indivisible, Sister District, and Knock Every Door. Some of those organizations I would be really uncomfortable being part of and trying to contribute to! Out of them, I think Sister District best represents my interests and would allow me to contribute in a way that I can. And being active feels productive, and hopefully with the pretty broad nationwide work being done it will be fully productive! So I recommend you find what works best for you if you are a person interested in contributing to the various broader movements right now.