Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #3265 - Voices

We are dealing with outright and open racists and bigots, and it's important to keep in mind where some of these racists and bigots are originating from, in part because that in itself can drive action to fight the racists and bigots. Most of the conches have been historically possessed by straight white men, and while small subsets may not have many of those conches themselves, there's still a hell of a lot within the overall white male group. The simple giving of a conch to another group is what sets half this racism and bigotry in motion. If the suppressed voices were never allowed a voice, then it would just be their existence setting off the racism and bigotry, and as long as the suppressed were kept suppressed, there'd be a lot less violence. "Replaced." You can't be replaced when you still have the overwhelming majority of the conches, you idiots.

Look, I know, I'm not the best person to be making this case, as a white man myself. But let me say that while the message is open for consideration by anyone who is reading this, I hope that other white men will hear it in particular. Because in order to fight against racism and bigotry, we need to realize how many conches we already have to better fight for the conches that others are just only now getting.

Who the hell are we fighting for?

And now that I've belabored that metaphor into the ground . . .