Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #3541 - Circle Of Living

And you're in millions and millions of these cycles at once, which is what makes life, life, as far as I can tell. Lousy good for nothing brain. What do you do that's good and worthwhile, besides the whole running-the-body thing? Stupid brain.

THE END OF STW: STW ends June 1st, only 7 more comics to go. (One week. Well ... that's happening.) You have 7 days to get the one and only STW book! There'll be an audiobook version I'll record with it, and the appendix will include a soundtrack listing for every comic within the book! Thank you all for your readership and your support!

CRASH COURSE: Hey, the second episode is out! These will be going on through the next year, so long after STW has ended. Enjoy and learn, as you will / want to.