Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #3544 - Parental Humor

Your parents didn't mess with you because they had terrible senses of humor. Parents don't tell bad jokes because they're bad. Parents have gained the wisdom of context. And maybe one day, you will, too.

For now, though, Torpedo just turned 3 today. Cannonball turned 6 last month. It is weird to me that the comic has grown alongside them and that many of you have come to know them in the periphery. Maybe you'll come to know their impact in the future. At the very least, here's hoping this final STW comic with them, the two of them just giggling away, is indicative of the many happy joys that may come their way in the future.

THE END OF STW: STW ends June 1st, this Friday, only 4 more comics to go. (Final week. Here we go.) You have 4 days to get the one and only STW book! There'll be an audiobook version, an appendix with a soundtrack listing for the entire book, and a thank-you-note for all physical copies! Thank you so much for your readership and your support!