Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #415 - Pop Culture

You can call it pathetic, or you can realize just how impressionable young minds can be. (Who didn't want to be like Cookie Monster back in the day? Talking or eating like him was certainly a better alternative than eating phones.)

In a matter of full disclosure, I should probably mention those full three segments were an annual Christmas joy. And that I do always answer the phone like Cookie Monster at the 1:07 mark.

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And on a sidenote, I'll be dropping the royal 'we' in these updates/commentaries underneath the comic, but probably not in the comic itself. I originally wanted it to seem like there were other people working on STW with me because, all evidence to the contrary, I've never been comfortable being the center of focus (the evidence here being daily published photos with myself in the picture), and to make it easier to get over any fear of failure by blaming struggles on fictional partners. Having done this for so long now, I've come to the conclusion that writing as if I have other personalities is weirder than just communciating normally, and that the passive voice is damn annoying when used on a repetitive basis.

And probably none of you care, and probably many of you are thinking, 'oh, great, another webcomic person with personal confidence issues', and you're all right! Hurray for having issues. So now let's return to more important things, like me waxing philosophic about the brilliance of the Cookie Monster. Or not.