Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #488 - Acceptance

Well, I guess it's really not hard to believe that Maine voted the way it did on Tuesday. The older generations in this country are still going to vote against gay marriage, and the younger generations are still outnumbered. In a few years, we'll start to reverse that trend, but the idea is that we really shouldn't have to.

I don't know if there's really been a movement that's worked this way before - where the younger generations are clearly the ones who are most accepting of the idea of gay marriage, likely because they don't see the need for discrimination when they've been living with that group of society much more openly than previous generations have. (Look the vote return in college towns/cities in Maine - overwhelmingly in favor of gay marriage.) Will this be the way that future discrimination issues persist? Are we going to turn into our elders and ignore the wisdom of the youth? Let's certainly hope not.

On Tuesday night, I said that if we lost, we'd have to work just that much harder, but if we won, it would change everything. Unfortunately, we lost. Eventually here, we're going to get a victory, but it's on those of us in the younger generations to explain the issues to our parents and grandparents. We'll eventually win once we take over in terms of population, but we shouldn't have to wait that long for everyone to be equal. So let's do our part and keep fighting, alright? Tomorrow is another day.