Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #558 - Photocomics

Today's lesson was partly inspired by the emails I get asking me what you should call STW, and partly inspired by this ridiculous piece by Jules Rivera. I really can't get angry about her criticism of STW because her argument is so entirely flawed and narrow-minded (either your comic is hand-drawn or it sucks) that it really felt more like a roast when I first read it. Still, though, while there are a number of great photocomics out there, it's going to take the public twice as long to adjust to the idea of "photocomics" as they have to "webcomics". Mainly because they can see a printed version of webcomics every day in newspapers, but never see a print photocomic.

I like the style I'm able to employ this way, and I think it gets across my ideas the best. It may seem like a lot less work because I'm not drawing out an image for a few hours, but posing and word placement are subtle equivalent challenges for me to face. And really, the final product comes out a whole lot better than something you'd get from me if it was drawn by hand:

So the goal of today's lesson was to answer all the questions and criticisms about photocomics in general, and hopefully I succeeded somewhere throughout that barrage above. (Thanks to Zander of Skidmore Bluffs and Arne of Union of Heroes for their help and suggestions in modifying the script.)

Oh, and why did this 14-photo monster run today? Well, 558 + 42 = 600. Thanks for everything, everyone.