Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #567 - Football and Hockey

Well, now you're saying, even if a study said the 11 minutes thing is true, football is still better than baseball because baseball is so slow, and Dante, you're biased in favor of baseball anyway. Well, have you been to a major football game? All the players do half the time is stand around waiting for commercial breaks to end. And as for baseball, let's assume there are 130 pitches per team per game, OK? Now, including the time from windup to the umpire calling the pitch a ball or strike, probably 5 seconds go by.

260 pitches * 5 seconds per pitch = 1300 seconds = over 21 minutes > 11 minutes. Thus baseball is more action packed than football. Q.E.D. (Quite excellent, Dante.)

Anyway, enjoy the Super Bowl.