Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #604 - Gambling

Especially if your kid finds out how he was named Sherby Derby. Oh, how pissed he would be.

Speaking of crazy names (nice segue, right?), one of my favorite things of the year came out this past week: theName of the Year tournament. Basically a self-appointed committee makes a list of all the ridiculous, actual names they come across over the course of the year, then whittles them down to a top 64 and let people vote on them. I was raving about it on Twitter earlier in the week, then went and picked my favorites in the forums. I highly encourage you to at least peruse the names, because some of them are incredibly ridiculous: "Jesus Leonardo", "Lolita Respectnothing", "Napoleon Einstein", "Aristotle Socrates", and "X'Zavier Bloodsaw", for example. Enjoy!