Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #690 - Theme Bars

Hobos seem to be a hip word to bring up in conversation these days, until you get people to realize you're talking about the homeless. They're a very strange group to romanticize like we have.

I once bought a can of some version of Carlsberg beer in Scotland and brought it along with me to a ghost tour. The tour guide informed me that I was continuing the reputation of that particular version of Carlsberg - in that no one had ever drank it indoors. Still, I liked it - so I think I probably would go to that bar described above, also because I would finally have a reason to wear some shirts I have held onto for way too long.

On an another side note, my grandmother once lived on a farm, and her family would allow hobos to sleep in the barn during the Great Depression. Then one night, the barn burned down, and they didn't allow hobos to sleep there anymore.