Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #915 - The Perfect Murder, Part II

So it's a well-known myth that your stomach might explode if you eat pop rocks and then drink Coke. The thing about the myth, though, is that you don't normally eat enough pop rocks for anything beyond stomach discomfort to occur. So what if you get someone to gorge themselves on pop rocks - which, considering they're being used as garnish in all sorts of things, you might be able to pull off? Pop rocks in your butter to dip your lobster in! Pop rocks glaze on (and stuffed inside!) your steak! Pop rocks caviar! Hey, why not? Likely someone will notice before you make it to step 4, but don't you want to try it now?

I like how both of my 'perfect murder' comics, by which I mean 'possible ways to commit murder before completely relying on ignorance as a defense' comics, are entirely based around someone gorging on food.