Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #960 - The Rapture

Supposedly the Rapture is coming this Saturday, May 21. Didn't you know? I mean, thank God someone put together two and two in time so we could all be ready. I believe the proof comes from multiplying Jesus by Isaac to the power of the burning bush.

It's kind of sad, to be honest. Here's an idea that we can all agree on, whether you believe in a god or gods or not, the idea that 'since no one really knows when their end will come, let's all just be decent people, OK?' Sure, once you add the religious aspect, everyone goes their separate ways on it, but the underlying core is something we can probably all agree on. So for the religious aspect to appear so off-base and somewhat taint the underlying principle . . . well, sad.

Either way, I have to be at a wedding on Saturday, so if the Rapture does come, at least there'll be an open bar.