Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #964 - Types of People

There's progression, unfortunately. I used to be an owl. Now I'm probably an armadillo/owl hybrid. Karl Pilkington would be proud.

So I shared this yesterday on Twitter, but I looked into the theologicalculus behind the supposed Rapture tomorrow, and I noted they left off a decimal despite including it in the initial math. When you factor it in, I figured out the Rapture should occur at 1:43:06 AM. (I have no idea how to account for time zones; I was not a theologicalculus major. Then again, no one is. And those who self-awarded the major to themselves did so despite having failing grades in all classes.) So it's unlikely most of you will be awake for the Rapture, but, hey, now you'll know what's going on if people are strangely missing from town when you wake up.

Since my excellent math could be wrong if it's based on faulty theologicalculus, any post-Rapture comic will be posted on Sunday.

And if you're really worried about the Rapture or raptors or whatever, remember two things: first, the guy predicting the Rapture also predicted it in 1994. So . . . yeah. And secondly, the only people afraid of raptors are the people who don't know how to bite first.