Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #989 - The Sports Fates

I was a college tour guide in October 2003, when the Sox were in the playoffs. And I was wearing the same clothes over and over again until the next game they lost, and then I would change into a different (possibly not clean) Sox shirt. So I basically went around day to day, reeking of stress and sweat, giving the Sports Fates way too much power. And not only did all that power come back to kick me in the face, but strangely enough, none of the families I led on tours during that month ever decided to apply or enroll at the college.

Being slightly less naive and foolhardy now, I try not to feed into that cycle of dying inside whenever my team fails (and creating slightly less than satisfactory cleanliness standards for other people to suffer through). But obviously I still think the Sports Fates are there - I mean, it's always been the same hat on my head in these comics, and that's the third or fourth time you've seen that same yellow shirt and black shorts the past week during the hockey Finals, right?

So while I'm pretty happy the Bruins won, it's hard not to feel for long-suffering Canucks fans, especially those so angry or distraught they feel the need to set parts of their city on fire. When you've experienced the cyclical suffering, you hope others can break out of the cycle themselves. Trust me - you will enjoy the successes just as much whether you're feeding into the Fates or not, and you'll enjoy the process a whole lot more when you're not feeding into the Fates. Plus, people will suffer less when standing within a few feet of you with a working sense of smell.

But hey, Sports Fates, if you're listening . . . can we start working on that World Cup for the US now? I'll start up some other less-stinky superstition to aid you with it, if you like!