Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Recitation #36 - Academic Bribes

This method works - I know for a fact - it's the only way I got the grades I did in a couple of classes. Having the audacity to write a ridiculous note on your test, in the middle of a test? Bribing them with conversation and humor, something the professor likely doesn't get enough of? Purposely misspelling a famous author's name, especially if you're writing it on a chemistry exam? You'll be surprised where the points come from. Even if the professor has a grader correcting the exam for him/her, the grader will still enjoy it to the point they'll temporarily forget about fair and equal grading.

Anyway, if you completely forget how to do a problem on one of your finals this winter, try the above method. If the professor doesn't have to give you back your exams, other students won't be able to compare against your mysterious bonus points. The Exam Word Bribe - Dante tested, academically approved.

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