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Science Comic: Assumptions

Here is the seventh finished science comic that we produced through our educational research grant! My research group has really started to pick up in steam and size this semester, so there will be a whole lot more work like this to come your way soon.

I have been really excited about this comic for a while, in part because the first author on it is a soon-to-graduate grad student, Chris Cogswell, and if he isn't a professor somewhere someday, it will be a loss to both research and teaching (and there aren't a lot of people you can say that about). I'm also very excited about it because it was drawn by the indomitable and amazing Carey Pietsch! I could say a thousand great things about Carey's work and her art, like on Lumberjanes or her solo projects or the endless Adventure Zone art she's constantly posting or her work on the Animorphs podcast, but she is truly great at what she does and it was a true honor to get to work with her.

This comic will also be part of an art gallery exhibit that opens this Friday at Waterfall Arts in Belfast, Maine - and there will be some other science comic work on display my group has contributed to as well! I'll actually be attending the gallery opening, so if you want to go by and say hi this Friday and see some science art, please feel free to join me!

All comics from my group are available for other STEM educators to use, but we retain all copyright on the comics, so please do not sell or distribute to other sources without our permission.

My group's research website has also been entirely revamped, making it a lot easier for educators to access all the science comics! It even looks professional and university-approved for once! No more rogue science-ing!

If you are a STEM educator and you want to collaborate on making future comics - talk to me. If you are an artist and want to collaborate - talk to me. If you are a student and want to either write or draw - talk to me. Making science comics now make up a majority of my research, and I would be more than happy to make our group as big as possible, and to make this into art students' Capstone projects, and so on and so on.

More science comics to come! This week, even!