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Student Work - Heat Exchanger Comic

This is the last of the student course project work from last semester's Transport II course that I'll be sharing here, a comic about heat exchangers by Amy Sevigny and Rachel Vozikis. There's a lot of theory in here, but it's presented in a fun way, and I hope that some students will gain something from it when they read it. I hope you learned something while enjoying it!

There were a lot of groups last semester that produced excellent work. I'm not intending to say that the five projects I showed this week were the best, but I felt that they represented a pretty strong variety of examples of what students can put together when you ask them to produce a new and creative means of communicating concepts and theory. I didn't even get into showing you the exam problems that some of the students wrote, or the experimental modules that some groups invented. You don't need the greatest visuals or the most stylistic style - it just needs to be effective. And sometimes just having something that is clearly different from the normal approach will be effective in itself.

There's a lot of potential benefit and growth and reinforcement of understanding that can be achieved when students are challenged to communicate to a different audience or using a different medium. This project worked really well to achieve that, in my opinion, and I'm looking forward to what this current semester's students groups will produce as well. Hopefully, if you are a teacher, you've got a technique that works effectively as well. If not, feel free to steal this idea - I hope it works for you, too!