Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Crossword Homework

Once upon a time, there used to be crosswords that were posted monthly for the site, made by Justin Smith. Then Justin moved away, stopped making crosswords, and his site is now defunct. You can enjoy the rest of what is written here for historical sake, but crosswords will no longer be posted and will likely not be coming back. hey whoa

We know what you’re thinking - ‘Surviving the World is the best class I’ve ever taken, but it just doesn’t feel complete without a homework assignment.’  Well, no need to worry anymore, because we here at STW have you covered.  Now, after partaking in the lessons of the past week and ruminating on what the various underlying themes, philosophical ideas, and social commentary are being covered, you can stay right here and get your homework fill with Dante’s Monthly Crossword Puzzle.

Justin Smith, a puzzle creator who has produced many crosswords for several national publications, will be designing a new and unique crossword puzzle each month, centered around a new STW lesson.  His puzzles often have unusual answers or cluing strategies, so all in all the homework assignment each month should add a little more excitement to your life.  The puzzles can be completed online if you have the right Java updates on your computer, or can be printed out as a PDF and done elsewhere.  Thus, you can now take STW wherever you like!  You’ll be able to find the puzzles here every month, and more puzzles by Justin Smith at his site here.

If you have any feedback for Justin on his puzzles, you can of course email him at  Be sure to ask him where else you can find his latest work.  If you have comments on the lesson itself, feel free to leave them on this page or send Dante an email at

You’ll have plenty of time each month to finish the assignment, so why not start now?  And of course if you finish early, you can go back and study the previous month’s lessons from Surviving the World.  A win-win situation for all, right?  So go enjoy Justin’s site and his STW crosswords and gain a little knowledge from Dante’s lesson.

(Feel free to complete the Zwingli paper and reading assignment as well, if you like.)