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Baseball: The Drinking Game

(Here's the comic that led to detailing the instructions of this game.)

Various positives about this game:

-You do not have to be a heavy drinker to play - people will become so involved in playing defense that they will actually want to retain some sobriety so they can make more difficult catches.

-Keeping individual and team stats makes it extremely competitive. The alcohol involved becomes just like enjoying alcohol while doing anything else enjoyable with friends - a nice sidebonus.

-Eyeblack is way more fun than you'd think.

Please Note: If you're going to play this game, try to keep your head, and drink responsibly, OK? STW takes no responsbility for any stupidity you may engage in as a result of reading this - we're just trying to provide an example to prove that drinking games really aren't tied into the public perception. And we're also showing a nice way to play baseball when you don't have 18 guys sitting around. In no way are we encouraging underage or irresponsible drinking, but we know it happens, so just be careful.