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Homework: Six-Word Memoirs

THE ASSIGNMENT: Imagine yourself far off into the future, many many decades from now, writing your memoir in the final year of your life. Your assignment is to write two memoirs for yourself - each consisting of exactly six words. One memoir should be purely idealistic. One memoir should be purely realistic. Both should capture you and your life for others to read and understand. What are your two memoirs?

Your answer can be visual or written, but it must consist of exactly six words for each of two memoirs - anything else will be deleted. Note: "I'll" would count as one word, but rogue hyphenation will not.

(Note: all those who did not list their location are listed as hailing from Aberdeen.)

Richard in Aberdeen:
I took the road less traveled.
I starved to death while lost.

Steve from Bay Shore:
Idealistic: My life has merely been perfect.
Realistic: The glass is still never empty.

Jason in Shetland:
Idealistic - "I learned to love the dinosaurs."
Realistic - "Dinosaurs ate my one true love."

Amy in Castaic, CA:
Realistic: I lived. That's all I asked.
Idealistic: How I loved riding my dinosaur!

Ben in Winnetka, IL:
Idealistic: Made some folks smile, sometimes laugh
Realistic: Wore zebra pants in public. Why?

David in Hanoi:
Realist: That went better than I expected!
Optimist: Teleporters! Space exploration! Giant Robots! Awesome!

Ronnie from Vancouver:
Idealistic memoir: "Everything does happen for a reason."
Realistic memoir:  "Everything does happen for a reason."

Kevin in Green Bay, WI:
Idealistic - "Owned a giraffe. No, an okapi."
Realistic - "Aspired to much. Accomplished very little."

Yuri in Waterville, ME:
Idealist: A good day starts with coffee.
Realist: A good day starts with alcohol.

Kennis in Gainesville, FL:
Idealistic: She came. She saw. She changed.
Realistic: She came. She saw. She cried.

Ben in NY:

Realistic: I lived. I died. The end.
Idealistic: I lived! I died! The end?

Erika at Smith College, MA:
Idealistic: My oscars collect dust, I don't.
Realistic: This architect always enjoyed community theater.

Stoff in Copenhagen:
Realist: I came, I saw, I left.
Idealist: At the least, I was alright

Stephen in Oshkosh:
Idealist: "So long as I die smiling!"
Realist: "My god, What have I done?

Patrick in Camarillo, CA:
Idealistic: Sailed for pleasure; buried my treasure.
Realistic: If only I had a boat...

Nicky in Raleigh, NC:
Realist: Everything was fine. Some things hurt.
Idealist: My name will not be forgotten.

Beth in Aberdeen:
I tried, but I failed; alas!
I will be back as Superwoman.

Catherine in Aberdeen:
Idealist: I have done all I could.
Realist: I have done all I can.

William in Aberdeen:
Idealist:  He lived a life of love.
Realist:  Too young: shackled by marriage forever.

Shaeyera in San Antonio, TX:

Realistic: Skynet took over. Robot wars begin.
Idealistic: Lounging in chair with kittens forever.

Jovona in Mount Juliet:
Idealistic: I loved all. All loved me.
Realistic: I was a reasonably content nonentity.

Catherine in Washington, DC
Realist: It's questions unasked I most regret.
Idealist: It's answers sought for I remember.

Joshua in Addison, TX:
Realist: Worked while others watched and complained.
Idealist: Enjoyed centuries travelling in my starship.

Megan in Australia:
Idealistic: One life creating and following dreams.
Realistic: One life.  Perhaps wasted.  Never regretted

Morgan in South Carolina:
REALISTIC: Rosy glasses were the wrong prescription.
IDEALISTIC: The whole world knows my name.

Sarah in Montclair, NJ:
"I am happy, lucky, and loved."
"I'm lucky I'm happy and loved."

Beth from Rochester, NY:
Not quite what I had planned.
I love, I laugh, I hope.

Franklin in Aberdeen:
Idealistic: “Twas a joy to have lived.”
Realistic: “…How’d he freaking live that  long?

John in New Paltz, NY:
Idealistic: "They always loved me for me."
Realistic: "Thought I knew things. Still learning."

Nate from Texas:
Idealist: "I would do it all again."
Realist: "I'll take my mistakes with me."

Aszya in Madison, WI:

Idealist: Died doing what she loved most.
Realist: Got mauled by an African Elephant.

Gary in Lawrenceville, GA:
Idealistic: Wrote words that changed the world.

Realistic: Wrote words; the world moves on.

Eric in Eau Claire, WI:
Realistic: I've always loved her pickle eyes.
Idealistic: Her pickle eyes loved me back

Leo in Aberdeen:

Realistic: I was born, lived, and died.
Idealistic: I'll die happy with my life.

Shane in Aberdeen:
Idealistic: Finally accomplished his goals, despite hardships.
Realistic: A life of strife finally ends.

Zach in Bloomington, IL:
Idealistic: "Lauded for being true to himself."
Realistic: "Darnit, I shoulda just checked out."

Gary in Peoria, IL:
Realistic - There was no choice.  He died.
Idealistic - The earth was not big enough.

Kate from Edwardville, IL:
Idealistic: The greatest mad scientist since Tesla.
Realistic: Near thirty, getting Masters, somewhat overwhelmed.

Caleb from Westchester, NY:
Idealist: Everything I wanted, Nothing I needed
Realist: Nothing I wanted, Everything I needed

Ben in South Australia:
Idealist: brilliant scientist, gentleman and a scholar
Realist: started: apocalypse, robot uprising, zombification. *shrugs*

Leanne in Aberdeen:
Idealistic: All zombies defeated! Now let's party!
Realistic: Huzzah! But what about the velociraptors?

Steve in Boston:

IDEALISTIC: "Was: Loving Father, Husband, Surgeon General"
REALISTIC: "Where to even begin? Wait...crap."  

Will in Nashville:
Good intentions last forever when shared
It is windy, we are dust

Isabel in Point de Bute, New Brunswick, Canada:

Idealistic: 125, life laureate, healthy until deceased.
Realistic: Effort sometimes lacking, but had fun.

Kate from Illinois:
LOST: Marbles.  FOUND: insane cackling.  Reward.
If found, do a raptor dance.

Rachel in Elkview, WV
Idealistic: All lessons learned; no opportunity missed.
Realistic: I think I learned the lesson.

Nathan from Colorado:

Realistic: "The minimum effort to succeed moderately."
Idealistic: "We're overproud until the asteroid hits."

Matthew in Orangevale, CA:
"I Ate, Drank, and was Merry."
"Stuff was done. I did it."

Therese in Vancouver:

"A Good Life: Rest In Peace"
"Thank the Gods That's Over With!"

Sofie from Philadelphia:

Realistic: No regrets - it's been a blast!
Idealistic: We grew old together - no regrets.

Kyle in Lapeer, MI:
Idealistic: Successfully defended dames from zombie hordes.

Realistic: Befriended Chad; paid the terrible price.

Emily in Silver Spring, MD:
ealist: And the robot said, I think.
Idealist: And the robot said, I understand.

Anna in Boston, MA:
Realistic: It was an accident, I swear.
Idealistic: Look at all the shiny things!

Jennifer in Aberdeen:
Ideal: Citizen of the world.  Passport expiring.
Realistic: Tunnel.  Light.  Shit, it’s dark again.

Qasim in London, England:
Realistic : Nobody will want to read these.

Idealistic: Everybody will want to read these.

Lauren in MD:

Idealist: "Challenges arise; victors skillfully conquer all."
Realist: "Life is full of insurmountable challenges."

Adam from Lockport, IL:
Realism: I'm sorry for the Robot Dinosaurs
Idealism: At least we had fun, Canada