Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #1249 - Recipe For Disaster

It always comes down to entropy. Honestly, it deserves a winter holiday of its own, pagan or not.

Anyway, this recipe for disaster leads us into . . .

THIS WEEK'S HOMEWORK: Simply enough, what is the recipe for success?

You may interpret this anyway you like - if you prefer a strictly visual route, that's fine; if you prefer a written answer, please limit it to 150 words or less. Email your homework in with your name and location to me with the subject line "HOMEWORK: RECIPE" to be received no later than Thursday, 12/8, at noon ET. Best answer wins and will be posted here on Friday (with the following week's assignment to be handed out then). Enjoy.
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LAST WEEK'S HOMEWORK: As tied into the lesson on swearosity, "What word/term should we make into our new swear word, and why? Note: the word/term should be achieve a cathartic effect, be socially acceptable but not pathetic, and be able to be shifted into multiple parts of speech. Your answer can be words that already exist - like providing a good reason for the word 'spoon' - or a new word creation that would meet the crucial points."

There were many good answers - including three very strong contenders for the best answer. Many felt that a word could be cathartic if the word sounded funny and brought a smile to your face - but to be fair, misleading yourself is less cathartic than actually letting out inner frustration and anger. So from the words suggested that actually met the needs for a good new swear word, the best answer came from Kacie in Binghamton, NY:

"Hark: Technically means "listen" which just begs to be screamed aloud. Plus, it has the 'ar' sound which is perfect for snarling. Can be used as a command or expletive, adjective (to listen to means to pay attention or take notice of so as an adjective it can mean attention-seeking or unavoidable), noun (unavoidable obstacle or suck-up begging to be the center of the universe), verb (make someone listen). Ex: HARK! That asshole is such a harking harker that I just want to hark him until he gets it through his thick skull."

Well done, Kacie! You will soon receive a small prize in the mail. An assortment of other excellent homework answers - with other potential words for you to try out, if you prefer - can be found here.