Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #1352 - Society, Oversimplified (Bracket Week IV)

There's far more to it, of course - I wouldn't really consider citizenship to be citizenship without some form of active participation - but certainly if both sides aren't there, I'm not really sure what type of society you're living in.

Anyway, this leads into today's holiday (as proposed earlier this year): Observance Observance! Here's a day for appreciating the laws that you've worked to achieve, and for renewing your commitment to changing those you believe are wrong. Happy Observance Observance to you and yours.

(I know some of you will say, "no, it's Pi Day," but how dare you purposely celebrate a day that to the rest of the world isn't 3.14, but 14.3. Way to taunt them geometrically and algebraically. You jerks.)

ACTUAL NCAA BRACKETS: If you want to participate in the STW pool for the NCAA tournament, with the only prize being pride, you can join and with the rest of us here as long as you join by noon on Thursday.