Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #1371 - Sequel Titles

There is an art to determining the title to a sequel. Not multiple movies down the line, because then the degree of freedom increases and degree of dificulty is far lower. That second movie, though - do you just tack on the lazy '2'? Do you change the title entirely, as in "The Dark Knight"? Or do you go the riskiest route and tack on something after the colon? There are a number of truly terrible after-the-colon titles out there that just don't really tell you anything, like the Pirates movies, but some movie titles seem to have clearly embraced their sequel status and gone for the gold. "Electric Boogaloo" truly takes the cake in this division, but "Secret of the Ooze" is severely underrated. Title-wise, anyway.

BABYWATCH: Quick related side note - when we were at the zoo a few weeks ago, we saw a giant snapping turtle, and I turned to theSwede and said, "Look, it's Tokka." That she not only understood what I meant but even dignified it with a small laugh was a good clue she's a keeper. Anyway, no baby yet.

TO THOSE READING THIS COMIC IN THE FUTURE: For those confused by yesterday's and the day before yesterday's (not yesteryesterday, get your nomenclature right) comics, today is April 2. Major credit to my Dad who came up with the idea of a time-travel related April 1st comic and let me run with it.