Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #1791 - Baby Movement

"How in heck did you get up there? . . . and what were you planning to do once you got there? Wait, you can't answer me, you don't know words yet. Oh, stop smiling. I mean, dang it, you're too cute, I give up."

PAGE-A-DAY CALENDARS: Why should you order a calendar now? Well, there's a STW-inspired report card that would come with it, which will never otherwise be available. There are Kickstarter-only prints, and mallets that certainly will not be available later. So those might be a factor for you. And a limited number of calendars will be printed, so there may not be too many available for you to get later. But also, the more calendars ordered as part of the campaign now, the better off they will be - certain add-ons to each page themselves! The Kickstarter is going well, and I really appreciate everyone's support - just wanted to pitch you acting now rather than later. Thanks, everyone!